What is Magic to Master?

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24 May 2022
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What is Magic to Master?
The main purpose of the game is to allow our players to invest in war equipment suitable for their characters by selling the items they won from dangerous creatures they killed by fighting in the open world to other players in the auction store or in the market area.

It also fights against players from different countries, those who want to damage the imperial lands defended by all players, and takes them to the next level with the rewards they receive.

By collecting "Experience Points and Hero Experience Points", a feature belonging to the M2M world, players can improve themselves from the first level to the last.

In Magic to Master, as in other MMORPG games, players (Knight, Mage, Petrun, Assassin) create a character of their choice, complete the tasks in the game world connected to the dynasty they belong to (Rasan, Teven, Solon), and kill them. fight monsters or other players (They can increase their level by fighting (pvp).

It is a platform where participation and membership are free.

The story takes players into a distant world inspired by Eastern cultures.

This is reflected not only in the visual world but also in the field of caste, but a little later. The capital, Zorandor and its region, is populated by a variety of families: the imperial Rahun family is the universal ruler, while the Teven family is the master of battle, Rasan family magic, and Solon family trade expert.

At the beginning of the game, you have to choose from four castles and heroes you like (warrior, shaman, petrun or ninja). They differ in
appearance, ability, and fighting style.
Players find theirselves on a tiny island (where the story says we were on board due to an outbreak of disease on our ship), which serves as an educational game.

Here the new players has to complete some of the simpler quests to gain entry to Zorandor, where the real adventure begins. The city serves as the center of the game, where you can find different merchants, chat with other players, and have teleport gates to
some areas of the empire.

Based on the game economy and ecosystem collaboration, each player (player), if any, has been optimized to become stronger as he overcomes complex tasks appropriate to his level with the clan members he is a member of.

Missions: They will take on complex tasks that we will send to the player from level 1 onwards.

They will individually participate in duels, if the target player is an active clan member, they will take part in clan warfare, which consists of a defiant clan and at least 10 people (the number of participants required can be changed).

The results will always be announced as an
automatic announcement from the game and the winning clan and members will be rewarded with game money.

Therefore, all members will have the desire to create a new clan and invite their friends to the game.

Unable to make the connection between the visual representation of the world and the way it feels, low-end game makers are lagging behind in their industry. The immersive game world model has been enriched semantically after careful consideration of our gaze. We came to the conclusion that a world representation could significantly help designers create a much more coherent game, and we decided to do our work that way.

For example, in the M2M Project, while wandering through the Wolf-Shaman forests, you hear the sound of the wolf and the wind, which instills in the players the desire to search more and stay online more in the game.

In the guild battlefield, the structures are festive with the busts of great warriors and perform a visual feast.

This pleasure of all maps of the game; We have integrated it with the structure that instills in its users.

Visual Method and Aspect
At this stage, all the arguments are embedded in the game that allow us to use the game engine and demonstrate our abilities, from the rotation of the earth to the movement of the clouds, to the slight shaking effect of the wind mourning on the greened areas in the game world. All maps can be played and found.

Shadows, touch effects are real time or left to the discretion of the user. The daily cycles of our real world, such as night, day and evening, are compatible with the virtual world.

Concepts such as seasonal events (Snow - Rain - Hot Summer) are made to feel maximum to the users. This Christmas time is essential to ensure our users have a more effective winter and lifelike experience.