P.A.T.C.H Notes V1.1.3


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24 May 2022
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P.A.T.C.H Notes
- P.A.T.C.H Notes Version 1.1.3

Patch Note 1.1.3 (Includes, 1.2 fixes may not appear in patch information)

• Game client-side changes;

  • - All source and HSEL written from scratch.
  • - The only subsystem that needed to be recoded in mechanical failures was the connection to the socket chat server and we made it a plug-in so it's SQL based with a much faster response system.
  • - Permanent storage of data in a database. The character's location and stats are saved when the character logs out and are restored when they re-enter the world.
  • - Any third-party solution (like Foton or RakNet) applicable to HC is no longer required.
  • - Registration, login and character creation levels are complete.
  • - In addition to the player server, the authorized server has been activated.
  • - Launcher/auto updater that can update the game and itself has been activated. As we don't want it to download the full game again after every minor update.
  • - Optimized the combat and targeting system.
  • - The skill system has been redesigned.
  • - The UI has been designed to be more realistic and pleasing to the eye.
  • - Prepared Artificial Intelligence for roaming and aggressive creatures that fight and chase after the player when attacked.
  • - Inventory and loot, dropables, costume window.
  • - Equipment classes have been rearranged.
  • - Basic M2M Missions and start (quarantine island) designed.
  • - Player and NPC spawn areas (PR UI)
  • - Battle diary and next-gen battleground
  • - Classic Game controls (W-A-S-D-R-F-SPACE and mouse controller)
  • - Groups and Guild system
  • - Global, private, party and guild chat
  • - Real-time switchable Network-REP UMG user interface
  • - You can set all optimizations and classifications with the improved ESC menu.
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